Congratulations on starting your wellness journey!  You are moments away from reclaiming your energy and moving from burnout to bliss.  

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Work with Jeannine to jump start your self-care and make this year one that is full of inspiration, wellness, and creativity energy! Here are just a few of the topic areas that we will cover over the coming months:

  • manage the stress in your life and learn tools to help with anxiety

  • practice “real” yoga…hint – it’s not just about asana (postures)

  • understand how to tap into your creativity and express that to the world

  • learn how to be in the present moment

  • discover breathing techniques that will bring energy to every cell in your body and relax your mind

  • practice being kind to yourself through self-observation and what we eat, drink and think

  • tune into your most frequent thoughts and practice self-talk that will promote healing, growth, and abundance 

  • identify your own creative vibration

  • discover your chakras and get rid of any blocks to these energy centers

  • access your intuition

And much, much, more! I can’t wait to meet you and work together to create more peace, calm, presence and wellness in your life!


Live Life Fully...and Remember to Breathe.

Living a healthy, fulfilling and abundant life is a choice we make each and everyday. Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. 

Often stress gets in the way.  Our thoughts defeat us.  Our lives are complex and sometimes we feel stuck.

Imagine this place being like a big, warm cup of your favorite tea.  Our intention is to provide you with a safe place to feel nurtured, centered, calm and cared for.  Our goal is to help you manage stress, be inspired, and live life fully - with energy, passion, intention and creativity.


You can find us on YOUTUBE for our weekly show, JeannineTV where you can tune in, grab a cup of tea and center yourself.  

  • Meditate with us. 

  • Listen to experts we interview.  

  • Find inspiration and creative energy.  

  • Do yoga with us.  

  • Practice extreme self-care. 🙏🏽

Online Workshop - COMING SOON

Our online workshop is a great place to start your self-care wellness journey. The workshop includes the following topic areas:  

  • What is Self-Care?

  • Managing Stress

  • Yoga 101

  • Meditation, Concentration, Visualization, Relaxation

  • How to Breathe

  • Asana (Postures)

  • Your Creative Energy

  • Action Planning - The Journey

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Jeannine McGlade Featured on James Miller's Lifeology® Radio Show!

Feeling stale, stuck and stressed out?  If so, then tune into James Miller’s LIFEOLOGY® Radio and be prepared to be rejuvenated as you hear “Listen to your Body: Guest - Jeannine McGlade. James teaches some practical ways for you to listen to what your gut is telling you. Author, Reiki Master, and Wellness/Yoga coach Jeanine McGlade’s expertise seamlessly interweaves with Miller’s self-development methodology. McGlade teaches you how to use yoga and breathing techniques to artfully listen to what your body subtly tells you. 

"If Jeannine McGlade’s 5-Minute Meditations Podcast is not yet on your top ten podcast list for meditation then it should be!"

- James Miller

Licensed Psychotherapist and Host of the nationally syndicated radio show LIFEOLOGY® Radio.


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