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Got 5 Minutes?

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Breathe and Center

5-Minute Meditations Podcast will have you breathing fully and completely, calming your nervous system and relaxing your entire body.  Center yourself and calm the chatter in your mind. Whether you need a quick boost or want to enjoy a deeper sleep, there's a meditation for you!  


Find What You Need When You Need It

Relaxing Breath

Calming Anxious Thoughts

Yoga Nidra...Yogic Sleep

Immune System Boost


Tension Melting



Manage Stress

In just five minutes, you will manage your stress and anxiety, take time for YOU (big self-care points!), breathe more deeply to bring more oxygen into your lungs and to every cell of your body.  And when we do that, we have more energy and feel more fully alive! The benefits are endless. 

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